All About PBX Phone Systems

Technology is fast evolving, and this is also true for voice communication. One of the recent advancement in voice transmission is the advent of PBX phone systems. This is a telephone exchange which serves a specific business or office, instead of operating a common carrier for many businesses or the general public. It provides the usual phone service, but with extra features at a lesser cost than the conventional system.Actually, PBX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange, which is basically a private network that is used within an entity. Its users share the network, which has some outside lines to facilitate external calls. The system connects the internal network of an entity with the public switched telephone network for this purpose.This system works by routing incoming calls to the appropriate extension. This is done with the help of a smaller network which shares connection lines between each extension. It (the system) has numerous customer service aspects which organizations find to be of immense help. These include automated connection to voice-mail, automated greetings and teleconferencing, among others. All this is done while slashing operational cost by eliminating the need for every person in an entity to have their own line.All incoming and outgoing calls are routed via the outside line. On the other hand, internal calls are routed using internal lines. PBX phone systems are popular due to a host of other reasons. These include their ability to distribute calls evenly within an organization, conferencing many incoming calls and even playing music when a call goes on hold. This helps organization display professionalism to their clients.Advancements of this system include IP and virtual PBX systems. The former has the capability to handle VoIP calls. Using this particular system, people within an entity only use a single phone to make external and long distance calls. It also enables the organization to fully utilize the capability of their computers to optimize external communication.On the other hand, virtual PBX systems rely on minimal hardware for them to function. No maintenance requirements or pricey switchboards are required here. Everything is done online by a firm that is well versed on the technical aspects of running a fully functional telephone system.All that is required of a company is to provide the phone, and the service provider caters for all other equipment needed. People within the company only need to tell the system the number they can be reached at. The hosted system answers and handles the routing of all calls. This is done to ensure that the intended employee/department is reached by the caller.This system was first seen over a decade ago. Since it was conceptualized, it became increasingly popular due to its numerous capabilities. It enables organizations to save huge amounts of money in equipment cost, besides enhancing their existing internal network. Initially, they were used to offer a solution with enhanced functionality, but which involved fewer hardware resources. PBX phone systems are suitable for any organization that requires a reliable network.

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