Computer Networks – 3 Practical Applications

We have all come to take computers for granted now and there are times when we wonder where we would be without them. Computer networks have made things easy for us by allowing us to stay connected and interact with other computers (or people) for our use. Given below are 3 ways as to how computer networks are apply to our daily lives:

Banks and Financial Institutions: Did you ever wonder how the friendly bank manager sitting across the desk manages to retrieve all possible information about your credit history; information on previous transactions and possibly look-up a lot of information about you? How does he manage to find out what you have been doing in one part of the country while you recently moved out and approached this bank in another part of the country( or perhaps another country)? Credit history Searches, foreign exchange information, investment services, portfolio tracking, account information and everything else is all managed by the Bank/Financial Institutions’ computer networks. Disbursing cash through Automated Teller Machines and Internet Banking are all a part of this networking too.

Marketing and Sales: Ever wondered how some sales people seem to be traveling all year round, but are still in touch with their company? How is it that traveling executives still manage to check and respond to their email while on the flight to Geneva from New York? Have you ever wondered how you are able to purchase a ticket for sometime in the future from one place to the other, but the ticket itself is being purchased from another country? Marketing and sales can be rendered effectively by computer networks. Network Services like VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and other related services enable a roving workforce to stay connected; sales be made to anyone from anywhere.

Teleconferencing: Imagine how much money and time could be saved if a corporate executive didn’t have to fly all the way to another city or country only to sit through a stressful, jet-lagged, 3 hour marathon meeting? Is t possible? Yes, very much. It’s called teleconferencing/videoconferencing and we now have tele-presence too which makes it possible to have meetings virtually without anyone every leaving their seats — saving considerable time, money, effort and best of all, contributing to going green in a small way. Powerfully managed, modern networks make all of this a reality.

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