Free Lifetime VoIP Calling With TK6000

The introduction of VoIP calling have enabled millions of people to dramatically reduce their phone bills. As well, the continued mass migration over to VoIP companies testify to its quality and effectiveness as a viable phone calling alternative. These VoIP service companies are able to offer extraordinary deals on all services that the traditional phone company would charge “an arm and a leg” for. Matter in fact, the local phone company cannot even come close to matching VoIP rates. So, if you are looking to save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year then you should seriously consider switching to a VoIP provider. Better yet, you can read the rest of this article and see how you can get FREE unlimited calling with all of the coveted calling features included.Up until now, you could expect to pay around $30-$40 for an unlimited monthly VoIP calling plan. Amazingly, with new technological advances, one can now access voip services for FREE- which means free unlimited long distance and local calling forever! These new and revolutionary gadgets connect to your existing network and enable you to access free internet phone calling.The TK6000 is the newest “wonder device” on the scene and is completely self-reliant- meaning that you do not need to have your computer running to place phone calls. It can plug directly into your Ethernet connection or you have the option of using it with your computer- like other dependent VoIP devices (such as Magic Jack). Since it is a SIP device it delivers the same level of phone service as quality VoIP companies, such as Vonage. This means that you are able to enjoy crystal clear voice quality and can even use it for faxing, dial-up/VPN or your satellite company. As well, unlike other voice over IP gadgets, the TK6000 has proven to work flawlessly with multiple devices. In other words, if you plug the TK6000 into any phone jack in your house all of your phone jacks will be live. Best of all, there will be no need for upgrading your computer system or installing software as it connects directly to your network connection. The Nettalk TK6000 is truly free of all the known flaws of the Magic Jack and other like devices.Nettalk is currently offering an online TK6000 promotion where your purchase entitles you to free lifetime service. When the promotion has ended the offer goes back to free unlimited calling for 3 years and then just $19.95 a year after that. At present, the TK6000 is just $100 and if you buy it during the promotional period you will never have a phone bill again. It makes the perfect gift for friends and relatives who live far way as it eliminates the distance barrier and the accompanying huge long distance bills. As well, its portability makes it an invaluable asset for the frequent traveller as every hotel now offers free internet. Plug the internet connection into the TK6000 and then plug in the hotel room phone and you will have instant unlimited long distance and faxing capabilities!The TK6000 is the ultimate solution to receiving unlimited calling within USA and Canada. It will enable you to totally eliminate phone bills forever and put all that extra money into your pockets. Many times, taking advantage of new technological advances involves some sort of sacrifice- especially in regards to monetary expenses. But, the TK6000 will enable you to enjoy unlimited crystal clear conversations for free. Why not jump on board the VoIP train and start enjoying its many benefits? You have nothing to lose except for your monthly phone bills.

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