Mammography – A Decade of Technological Advancement

Mammographies have been available for four decades now, and the technology involved with this medical test has increased and improved over time. With the advent of the mammography web viewer, physicians have advanced tools useful for diagnosis at a savings over traditional film imaging. When used in conjunction with PACS workstations, medical offices large and small can now afford this wonderful new technology that is used to view, send and receive, as well as archive digital medical images, including mammography studies.Viewing mammograms has become easier with new digital technology. Digital images also have the ability to be enhanced, and this helps to improve patient care with better picture quality. A digital mammography viewer allows you to pan, zoom, mirror or rotate images, and has measurement tools useful in diagnosis. Multiple digital images can be displayed on a mammography viewer. Workflow is improved because the mammography viewer can do some of the work for you, including fast retrieval of prior images.A mammography web viewer gives you a great deal of flexibility in how you transmit digital medical images. Because of the online aspect of distribution of mammograms, physicians can work from pacs workstations networked on a local area network, a wide area network, or through a virtual private network connection. Consultations with specialists located on the LAN, WAN or VPN can access mammography studies and aid in diagnoses much more quickly than could ever be possible with film images sent through the mail.The storage of patient records must meet HIPPA standards, and pacs workstations enable medical facilities to do so. Because a system administrator can give each user a user name and password to access the system, management and control over the system is ensured. PACS system vendors create programs offering ample storage space, so that you can handle your own long and short-term storage of mammographies and other patient records. Disaster recovery is also a requirement of medical facilities, and pacs workstations allow you to save your patient records to servers both on and offsite, so that in the event of an emergency, your records will be safe. Another advantage of having your patient data stored electronically is that by using the mammography web viewer you can retrieve digital images whenever you want; even multiple users may access the system concurrently.PACS system vendors have subtle variations in the systems that they offer, so when you are looking for a mammography web viewer or PACS workstations, you will want to consult their websites for further specific details about each.

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