VOIP Is a Growing Issue With Backward Phone Lookup

VoIP security is an often overlooked aspect. This is because VoIP runs over the Internet and most companies already have security standards in place for their data connections. So VoIP is covered under those practices right? Well not necessarily.The truth is that VoIP is still an emerging industry. And because of that there’s no telling what new ways to attack VoIP systems may be found. There are some basic practices that specially apply to VoIP however, and in this article we take a quick look at the important points that must not be missed.The VoIP server
Depending on the type of VoIP installation you have, you might have a VoIP server sitting in your backroom that does all the heavy lifting and routing. This is a prime spot of attack for hackers and many of the security standards that apply to such servers need to cover this as well. Some administrators go the extra mile and put the server on a different domain entirely in order to better enable micro management of security policies. This depends on your organization and you’ll learn in time what’s best for your specific needs. One of the reasons why you try and hang on to old system administrators!Eavesdropping
A nightmare scenario for a company is when a third party is listening in on their private calls. For firms whose data is a trade secret, this can be disastrous. They’re especially susceptible to “man-in-the-middle” attacks where packet sniffers simply intercept the data and decode it. Encryption is the key here – preferably several layers. Again, the types of security you opt for will depend a lot on your business. You can either use a Virtual LAN or a VPN to pipe your VoIP data securely through without anyone listening in.Piggybacking off your Network
Yet another type of sneaky attack is when hackers try and leech off your VoIP network to make free calls. This can happen when the gateway which transfers your IP packets to the PSTN network is compromised. The solution here is to simply create a list of authorized people who can make calls and exclude everyone else. The use of whitelists can completely stop this kind of behavior.

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